Propelling joy confidence problem solving in STEM

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A Science Fairy is...

a childcare STEM engagement provider

for children ages 2 years to 8 years old

in groups of 2-8 learners. 

Mobile | Social Impact | Small Business


STEM Celebrations

Gather friends with joy while propelling STEM confidence

Early Educators

A math & science expert for your preschoolers

Partners in STEM

Care for the mind, senses, and nature of children.​


The goal is to preserve children’s sense of wonder and natural experimenting. By using hands-on materials in all activities, brains grow with abstract thinking & real world numeracy. 

Science Fairy in Colorado Springs delivers 1,000 mobile learning hours every year.

Projects in a FREE and Interactive eBook

Engaging STEM activities how-to Guide

  • 20 hands-on STEM experiences
  • Free opportunity to try and decide
  • Small group designed for ages 2-8
  • Kid tested with 1,000 learning hours annually by author

Interactive technology

  • Linked content, Glossary/Sources
  • Videos for teachers to use
  • Full use of tablet as a tool
  • Complied shopping chart

Use this book for your program! Most activities are original. This series is activities-based curriculum and meets the Common Core Math Standards for Kindergarten.

Projects: Science (Corn), Technology (Electricity), Engineering (Holes), and Math (Money).

That Science Fairy follows a Social Impact Business model: sharing STEM with underserved children, sourcing materials second hand, and hiring BIPOC-owned vendors
Author and Science Fairy Laura Weilert
Laura M. Weilert