Your ideas are daily brilliance. You manage children with joy and love, most days. Other days you need a co-worker to occupy those busy minds.

Enter, the Science Fairy. She is a special guest whom the kids love. For 50 minutes your children are learning deeply about systematic thinking. Systematic and process thinking helps behavior control, motor engagement, and opportunities for social learning.

Engage your Early Childhood Education setting. Currently we are only in Colorado Springs.

Parents at Home

You can

  • get activity ideas or activity-based curriculum in books
  • follow That Science Fairy on social @sciencefairyCO
  • book a local STEM or Birthday Party (719) 640-0844
  • buy a child’s lab coat

Invested Adults

You get to

  • support Social Impact business
  • sponsor a STEM Party
  • invest in community outreach
  • learn more about STEM and children with research
  • get STEM training

Informal Educators

They get to

  • follow activity sharing of 400+ activities from the learning lab of the Science Fairy
  • request a no cost visit for certain non-profit groups
  • have interactive activities at your festival or gathering