That Science Fairy works with children ages 2 to 8 doing all hands-on STEM activities

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Brain development happens though scientific thinking. The guess, the test, and the observe method starts as an infant discerning light and shadow. Children are natural scientists and engineers as they make sense of the world. Therefore, they need neither built nor inspired, just empowered to be propelled in their wonderful play.

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Teachers can bring magic with STEM. The magic applies simply to new materials with new uses. The joyful magic applies to group time with a "please explore" attitude. The magic is not demonstration, but experiences. A child's "I don't like onions" turns into "I want to be the onion bowling onion holder."

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That big word from each #sciencefairyproject is a seed idea for the subconscious constructing of advanced ideas from calculus to radio wave behavior. Most children can memorize what google can answer, but core understanding from a kinesthetic experience will show up in the future classroom with a boost of confidence. 

Laura Weilert, Founder

Author and Science Fairy Laura Weilert
Colorado Springs geography local

Thank you for exploring my little part of the world. My journey to That Science Fairy remains a happy one. For many years I left my degree in Molecular Biology sitting on a shelf. It served no one. I was always creative, especially in problem solving situations. As a generation, I had a childhood before the internet; it was full of kid’s experiences. I appreciate kids (perhaps more than adults). My desire for business in the big picture, is social impact. All of these factors made the business that I have today. Everything really came together when I became a mom. My child benefits. I get many advantages of a SAHM and the network advantages of a business woman. When the day is wearing me down, all I have to do is move something in my garage workshop and my energy tank fills right up. My hope is that this joy spills over to the children and the amazing souls who care for them.

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