Core Learning Unit

Hands-on experiences naturally individualize learning. The ideal group size is 8. It's good number for preparing materials and guiding projects.

Standard Unit Price

Local booking for 8 children
$ 60 per 50 minutes
  • 5 activities
  • Take home items
  • During and After hours
  • Technnology | Engineering | Math

Large Classroom

Bring in a special guest and Project
$ 7 per child/hour
  • 4-6 activities
  • Custom coaching
  • Indoor or Outdoor Projects
  • Special Guest effect


Technical | Setting | Speaking
$ 180 most engagements
  • Teacher STEM Training PDIS
  • STEM room layout
  • Franchisee Fairy Sphere
  • Various public speaking

STEM Parties


Get together and learn
Email for call back

Birthday Parties


Birthday Party Entertainment
Email for call back


  • eBook cover by ScienceFairyCO

    Round B Interactive Activities Guide: 25 STEM Experiences in Early Childhood

  • Sale! Save on Science Fairy eBooks with two

    Round A + Round B Interactive Activities Guides: 50 STEM Experiences in Early Childhood

  • eBook cover by ScienceFairyCO

    Round A Interactive Activities Guide: 25 STEM Experiences in Early Childhood


Train & Speak

STEM rarely comes naturally to ECE professionals, especially Math. I will train your teachers to bring activities into your setting. As a Toastmaster and female in STEM, I am open to give speeches as well.

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Technical Support

I've learned a lot of technical skills in starting this business. Please reach out if you need some of that "T" in STEM. I also do basic websites and run errands for my customers.

Lifestyle Business

I can't stop talking about how great a Science Fairy business is for my mothering and career development as a mostly SAHM. To have more impact I will be franchising to make entrepreneurship a reality for the curious.


A specialty lab coat will be adorable on your child.

  • 95% upcycled materials
  • machine-sewn by a human
  • easy one-point fastener means quicker step towards science play


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